About Us

Who is California Gourmet Snow?

California Gourmet Snow has been serving delicious Hawaiian Style Shave Ice to its customers throughout the greater San Diego area for several years. We deliver outstanding customer service and we love bringing smiles to peoples’ faces! Take one bite of our tasty, rainbow colored snow and you’ll realize being happy has never been easier!

Here the local people are always friendly, the sun shines bright, and the clear blue waters provide an escape from everyday life. So kick off those sandals, relax, and make yourself at home.

As you begin to stroll down our warm sandy beaches, let the tropical air soothe your soul and ask yourself, what could be better?

How about a soft, refreshing Hawaiian Style Shave Ice!!!

California Gourmet Snow

We make it easy for you to order.

Our catering coordinator and staff are able to meet your specific needs.

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